• I am a PhD student supervised by Prof.Huamin Qu in VisGraph lab at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). My research interest is computer-human interaction, information visualization, and visual text analytics. Before the PhD study, I received my MSc(IT) Degree at HKUST in June, 2014, and Bachelor's Degree at School of Mathematics and Computional Science, Sun Yat-sen University in June, 2012.


[J5, C5]CGFTowards Easy Comparison of Local Businesses Using Online Reviews
Yong Wang, Hammad Haleem, Conglei Shi, Yanhong Wu, Xun Zhao, Siwei Fu, Huamin Qu
Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of EuroVis 2018)
[C4]ACM CHIT-cal: Understanding team conversational data with calendar-based visualization
Siwei Fu, Jian Zhao, Hao-Fei Cheng, Haiyi Zhu, Jennifer Marlow
Proceedings of the 36th annual acm conference on human factors in computing systems, 2018
[J4]ACM TiiSVisForum: A visual analysis system for exploring user groups in online forums
Siwei Fu, Yong Wang, Yi Yang, Qingqing Bi, Fangzhou Guo, Huamin Qu
ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (ACM TiiS), 2018
[J3, C4]TVCGHow do ancestral traits shape family trees over generations?
Siwei Fu, Hao Dong, Weiwei Cui, Jian Zhao, Huamin Qu
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proceedings of VIS'17)
[J2, C3]TVCGVisual analysis of mooc forums with iForum
Siwei Fu, Jian Zhao, Weiwei Cui, Huamin Qu
IEEE Transactionson Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proceedings of VIS'16)
[C2]VASTParkVis: A visual analytic system for anomaly detection in dinofun world
Abishek Puri, Dongyu Liu, Shaoyu Chen, Siwei Fu, Tianyu Wang, Yeukyin Chan, Huamin Qu
2015 IEEE Symposium on Visual analytics science and technology (VAST poster)
[C1]PacificVisVisMOOC: Visualizing video clickstream data from massive open online courses
Conglei Shi, Siwei Fu, Qing Chen, Huamin Qu
2015 IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium
[J1]Modern ComputerDesign and implementation of resume delivery system
Siwei Fu, Taiteng Fang, Liping Ye, Hanxiong Bei, Hong Wu, Yuanshi Wang
Modern Computer, 2012

Early Projects

Ph.D. Qualifying Examination (2015)

A Survey On Visual Text Analytics.

Java implementation of Maniwordle (2013)

An interactive word cloud.

Screen Keeper (2013)

A tool that protects your desktop pravicy

Solving Helmholtz Equation (2012)

Solve Helmholtz-PML equation with finite-difference approximation.


  • Address

    Rm 4204, HKUST
    Clear Water Bay
    Hong Kong



The homepage is created! Tell me you like it!


I come back from UC Davis. What a memorable experience!


Our CHI'18 paper (T-Cal) gets accepted! HaHaHaHa!


I am going to UC Davis to visit Prof. Kwan-Liu Ma's group.


Our paper, iForum, is presented at VIS'17. I am a little bit nervous. Come on, Siwei!